What We Do

Deaf Reach Schools & Training Centers, FESFna's lead program, provides education and marketable skills training for deaf children and youth, helping to meet the great need for deaf education in Pakistan. Today, our schools in Pakistan have over 1,000 students enrolled in 7 different locations across Pakistan, with over 250 staff members serving the deaf community.

Our innovative and holistic approach develops educators and interpreters, trains parents and communities, creates educational materials, promotes advocacy, and facilitates employment for the deaf. We have helped hundreds of students find jobs and many of our graduated students return to teach in our schools.

By investing in educational development, Deaf Reach is working to make literacy, education and skills training accessible to all deaf students in Pakistan, no matter where they live.

Our Vision & Mission

FESFna is committed to empowering deaf children and youth to prosper in every aspect of their lives through education, vocational training, and the support of the community and their families.

FESFna is committed to imparting quality education to the underprivileged by providing access to learning-rich environments.

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