Deaf Reach is a program that was introduced by FESFna and it has ensured that over 5,000 deaf children have been educated and been taught to excel to their full potential in and out of their comfort zones. At Deaf Reach, technology is used extensively to reinforce visual learning, with all students mastering IT skills from an early age. Deaf Reach has other sub-projects which are basically extensive training programs that focus on instructing, coaching and educating not only deaf students, but also their teachers and parents.

We offer

Job placement program

The Job Placement Program that has been the reason that hundreds of deaf people have gotten jobs all over the country and today, they are successful deaf ambassadors in their fields.

Deaf Reach and the corporate sector of Pakistan work hand in hand to provide employment opportunities to Deaf Reach graduates.

Teacher Training program

Teacher Training Program is also offered by FESFna, which has enormously contributed to the Deaf Reach schools, as over 60 percent of Deaf Reach's teaching staff and management are deaf by providing leadership and career development training for its teachers.

Parent Training program

Parent Training Program has proved to be a spectacular initiative. The program supports the families and parents of the deaf children as it enables them to communicate with their deaf children, because it is critical to the child's development.